Disney: 20 years on, this kiss between a child and an adult shocks viewers

This controversial scene is probably not part of your favorite Disney IP, but the fires of controversy have been stoked again after the film was added to the Disney Plus catalog.

blank check disney adult kiss child
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blank check disney adult kiss child

Best known for its invaluable contribution to the world of animation, the Walt Disney Company is not content to rest on its laurels. Throughout its history, the company has made considerable efforts to diversify its film catalog, producing a large number of films, many of which are still unknown to the general public. Despite the affection of many Disney fans, the company has sometimes made mistakes.

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These errors manifested themselves in controversial elements, often tinged with racism. It wasa different time, of course, but when you look at certain scenes today, you can be shocked. That's what happened with the controversial scene we're going to talk about today. However, it's not racism that's being singled out, but a kiss involving a child and an adult woman.

A kiss between a child and an adult doesn't go down well in this era

You may have heard of Blank Check which was released in 1999. The plot is relatively straightforward, involving Preston, a young boy whose bike is run over by a wealthy man. To make amends, the man gives the boy a blank check... which he then proceeds to write a million dollars on.

As a result, the check's issuer wants it back to avoid losing such a large sum. The film will therefore focus on this 'chase' between the two protagonists. It's not the film's overall plot that's the problem today, but one scene in particular. Preston, played by Brian Bonsall who was only 13 at the time, kisses Shan Stanley, a 34-year-old actress.

U.S. viewers outraged

While it may seem naturally shocking today, the scene went almost unnoticed in the 90s. The story could have ended there, and Blank Check was doomed to oblivion, lying among the lowest-rated Disney productions in history. In fact, its Rotten Tomatoes score was an abysmal 9%.

But the addition of the film to the Disney+ catalog ignited a heated debate, particularly in the U.S. where the film was described as 'repugnant' and verging on 'pedophilia'. Nevertheless, the film is still available in the French catalog, and the problematic scene has not been removed.

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