McDonald's Are Offering You The Chance To Win Free Food For The Next 50 Years With The McGold Card

Are you a McDonald's lover? If so, your wildest dream could be about to come true. McDonald's will give their customers the chance to win the famous McGold Card. This prestigious card allows you to eat for free in all the McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

No it's not a legend! The McGold Card exists and offers its holders the opportunity to eat for free in all McDonald’s restaurants around the world for life. This magic card is far from being accessible to everyone however. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! American actor Rob Lowe, who himself has the precious card, explained that to get it he just had to be friends with the son of one of the historic founders of McDonald's. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett also possess this precious card, a very selective club that could slowly open up to anyone.

One card to win

The McDonald's brand is now going further and giving the opportunity to their customers to win the card. To celebrate the Big Mac's 50th anniversary, the franchise is holding a contest between August 10th and 24th to win a McGold card.

The contest in fact offers the opportunity to win 2 meals a week free for 50 years. That equates to £40,000 plus £800 credit on the McDonald's app to spend in restaurants, plus a gold-plated phone case. The only downside is you have to be a resident of the United States and use Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald's App to enter the contest. You must then get a meal from a participating McDonald’s restaurant in order to get a lottery ticket that allows you to participate in a final draw.

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