Zara's Very Elegant Leggings That Make Your Legs Look Longer

Leggings are just one example of an item of clothing that’s here to stay. Even the actress Katie Holmes has been seen walking around New York in leggings and since they were already in style, Zara have created a ‘low cost’ version.

Back in the day, tights were only really found in men’s wardrobes and were first worn in medieval times in Scotland. However, the leggings that we all know and love today were designed by fashion designer, André Courrèges in the 60s, and the United States were the first to realize just how comfortable they are.

At first, they had a rather specific function as sportswear and only as something to wear around the house, but since then, they have become an essential item that people wear in even the trendiest of clubs. We’ve seen all kinds of legging like the bright and colorful pairs that Olivia Newton-John wore in Grease, or even pairs with prints and patterns like people wear nowadays.

Today, the north American actress Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of leggings and we instantly fell in love with because they oozed glamour and elegance. What style are they? They’re called ‘ottoman’ and they can be worn with anything, although we do advise something elegant and stylish.

Zara is always keeping up with the latest fashions and trends from Hollywood actresses, and they don’t leave us out of the loop. They sell the most diverse and versatile leggings every season. These leggings specifically have slits and openings on the sides, and they go well with any type of footwear.

These leggings look amazing with a blazer in the same shade, a basic shirt and some heels to complete the outfit. But we could also wear them under a skirt like a leotard, as they were worn in the Zara catalogue. Don’t believe us? Check out the video above!

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