Try out the wolf cut, TikTok's new trendy but daring haircut

It is the talk of the town on social media. This new haircut could well become THE haircut this summer. Will you fall for it?

In recent weeks, the hashtag #wolfcut on Instagram and TikTok has been gaining momentum. And for good reason, as this haircut is drawing in more and more women around the world. But what exactly is the wolf cut?

The wolf cut, a daring mix

The wolf cut is a mixture of two cuts, the mullet and the shag. More precisely, it borrows the long nape of the neck from the mullet and the layered look from the shag. A daring fusion that can be worn in different ways: ultra short, very pronounced, embellished with a fringe... The result is always wild and rock 'n roll.

The wolf cut, who does it suit?

Like the shag cut, the wolf cut has the advantage of being suitable for all hair types and face shapes. All you have to do is adapt the gradient. For example, if you have thin hair, you should use a lightly layered cut in order to maintain maximum hair density. Check out the video above for more advice. If you have curly or frizzy hair, you can opt for an accentuated version, ideal for highlighting the spring in your curls.

Maintenance on the wolf cut

The good news is that this cut is very easy to style. Since its unstructured effect is the whole point, you won't need to spend much time in the bathroom each morning. A sprinkling of salt water on the lengths is all you need to get the hair done and out of the way, which is perfect for the wolf cut. As for regrowth, the gradient has the advantage of not requiring many touch-ups at the hairdresser. On the other hand, you will need to schedule more regular appointments if you have combined it with fringes.

This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram! This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram!