Top Shop Is Selling A Nylon Shoulder Bag For Only £18 And It's Perfect For The Winter/Spring Season

This bag will for sure make a fashionable impact on every winter and spring look. It will fit perfectly every outfit.

Top Shop has accessories for every occasion and every style you wanna go for. And we know that jewellery, bags, shoes are the icing on the cake for an item to be complete. That's why we found the perfect bag to go with a lot of your outfits for the winter and the spring.

Now that January is definitely over, we'll have to wait until the end of March to see new deals and worthwhile sales. But don't worry, we found a piece that will allow you to stay on budget at TopShop.

This bag is burgundy, which is THE colour for the time in-between seasons, it goes with a wide variety of colours. You can put it together with a pair of khaki pants and a white shirt, or a retro camel/Bordeaux dress along with cowboy boots.

Nylon is THE fabric you want to wear right now, it's taking over Instagram and this year's catwalks from the Paris Fashion Week. This trend was brought to us initially from the 'industrial-weight nylon used in army tents' as Voguereported. Today, the Nylon bag is a classic item to have in your wardrobe.

This nylon bag has a knot detail that makes it even more stylish! Its size is perfect to take it out during the day for a working girl style. It will also perfectly hold your make up for a night out with your girlfriends or on a romantic dinner with beau.

If you need more reasons to buy it immediately, here is the best part: its price! You can get this little piece of treasure for only £18. So go get yours now, before it's sold out!

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