This is the real reason behind those little buttons on your jean pockets

Ever wondered why you have little copper buttons on the pockets of your jeans? Here’s the real reason...

Check any pair ofjeans in your wardrobe and you’ll find them but, historically, these small pieces of metal were far from a fashion statement.

Jeansas we know them today first appeared around 1871. Originally intended for rugged cowboys, these heavy-duty cloth trousers took quite a battering from their owners, often tearing at the pockets. Jacob Davis, a San Francisco tailor found himself constantly having to repair the ripped pockets of his clients’jeans.

Davis’ plan to fix the problem once and for all was simple: use rivet buttons to strengthen the pockets. The idea quickly took off and was eventually patented – with the help of a certain Levi Strauss – giving us the infamous jeans we know today.

Check out the video above for more details...

This is why there is a tiny pocket on your jeans This is why there is a tiny pocket on your jeans