These Are the Stylish Colours You Should Be Wearing This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and the good news is that we will soon be able to bring out our favourite summer fashion pieces! But what are this year's trendy colours? Allow us to fill you in.

Are you a fashion fan? Good, then you'll like this article! If you've been following the latest fashion week, you must have noticed that in 2020, wearing colours is the way to go!

No more dark and faded clothing items: this year, dare to go for colours that pop, and even for flashy items. We suggest you take a look at the upcoming season's trendy colours, and we'll help you so that you know how to wear them. Ready?

Trendy colours for 2020

This year, bright colours are a must! During the latest fashion week Spring/Summer 2020, colours took over. So this summer, the colours you should definitely wear are:

  • Fuchsia pink
  • Pastel pink
  • Purple: it's probably THE colour of the year, it made a big comeback
  • Bright yellow
  • Bright red
  • Pastel colours such as blue or sea green

We agree that wearing these colours can be a bit scary, but believe us, the results are absolutely gorgeous when the look is mastered.

How to wear these colours?

Not sure how to wear these colours? Don't panic! Purple, for example, can look great on a plain T-shirt or patent shorts. You can also go for a yellow dress with puffy sleeves if you want to light up the streets, or a bright red blazer with jean shorts and a plain top. In short, these colours can match with almost any outfit. However, care must be taken to match them up well.

For example, red and purple go together perfectly. Meghan Markle, and Lady Diana back in the day, both loved this look. The same goes for pink, which is an ideal match for purple. You can also go for different hues of the same colour, and dare to go for colour blocks, or more monochrome looks.

What are this season's key trends?

This year, there are some strong trends that have made a comeback. For example, animal or jungle prints, stripes, and monochrome or colour block looks, with lots of different colours.

2020 is a year to be free: you can play with lengths, combining asymmetrical items with more classic ones. You can also go for bright colours or more structured items, with puffy sleeves or ruffles for example.

An accessory that is a must?

If there's one accessory that stood out this season, it's the 'Pouch' clutch bag from haute couture label Bottega Veneta. Influential women have all rushed to buy this item, which can sell for up to £1800 depending on the model. The good news is that many clothing brands have been inspired by it. It is now possible to find similar ones for much cheaper.

Flat sandals are also making a comeback. Big fashion labels such as Chanel, Chloé, Bottega Veneta, and Prada are all selling these ultra-trendy shoes for the summer season. And we have to admit that we love them!

So, are you going to dare to wear colours this summer?

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