Primark Has Released This Tiered Bohemian Dress That Would Go Perfect With Your Denim Jacket, For Just £13!

The new season is practically knocking at our front door. Knock, knock! Who is it? Rich fabrics, denim jackets, ankle boots, pumps and tiered dresses. Great! And as a result, this dress from Primark’s new collection has managed to catch our eye and we think you’re going to love it.

If you're thinking that just because the sales period is over that you're now going to have to spend a fortune to look amazing, you’re wrong! Here at Ohmymag, we’ve got the best tips and advice to help you look fantastic without breaking the bank.

Bohemian, tiered dresses are our go-to styles when the nice weather arrives. They are comfortable, easy to accessorise and even let our legs out to breathe (with or without tights depending on how you feel the most comfortable).

And that’s why this new dress from the low-cost clothing company Primark caught our eye when they released it. It really will make you look fantastic on any occasion. So what does it look like?

It has ruffles and is tiered on the lower half making it incredibly comfortable and appropriate for spring (in fact, there are girls who might even choose to wear it with a pair of shorts or leggings depending on the occasion).

It comes in a khaki colour which, as you know, is one of the easiest colours to match with other clothes, meaning it would go great with all your spring and denim jackets. Can't you just picture it with a Texan-style faded denim jacket and a pair of chic cowboy boots?

In reality, you could have a complete and very versatile outfit without needing to spend very much indeed. While other companies will soon be skyrocketing their prices for the new season, it seems Primark is sticking to its guns.

And this dress is now available for just £13! But you know the deal with things like this… so go grab yours quick before they’re all gone! Primark doesn’t have an online shop unfortunately so you’ll have to get yourself down to your closest store.

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