How To Get Flawless Eyebrows Every Time

This might be the most precise and time-consuming part of your beauty routine, your eyebrows! Having the perfect eyebrows is not always easy but if you follow these tips then you are one step closer to making the process simple! Ohmymag will give you tips on how you can get perfect eyebrows each time - scroll through our photo gallery for more details.

How To Get Flawless Eyebrows Every Time
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How To Get Flawless Eyebrows Every Time

Tips On How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

1. Unique for everyone: Not every eyebrow shape will match your face and the best way to get the perfect eyebrows is to keep the natural shape and fill the rest in with a brow pencil.

2. The shape is critical: Shape and draw your eyebrows based on the start, end, and define the arc of the brow. Don't try something that won't match your face shape.

3. Avoid waxing: Avoid waxing your brows as it can loosen the skin and in the long term it can make your eyebrows droopy. Tweezers will be your new best friend!

4. Tweeze the strays only: If you just want to soften your look then tweeze about one in three hairs. Try not to over tweeze your hairs because it will look too thin.

5. Reflection is everything: Learn to step back and don't get too close to your mirror because people around you won't be looking at you from 2 mm away!

6. Don't overdo it: The super-drawn on brows you see on the Internet won't work on everyone and more importantly, they take ages to do.

7. Keep it simple: A more simple and natural look which fills in any gaps and brushes the brow is more suited to most women.

8. Castor oil is key: Apply castor oil to your brows to speed up the natural hair growth process.

9. Hide mistakes: If you've messed up your brows then a deep or bright lip colour will distract attention to the lower half of your face.

10. Eyebrow colour: Test several gels and powders before choosing the best one for your brows. If in doubt, try khaki - it's the best shade for blending!

11. The right tools: Have the right tools at hand: an eyebrow brush, a rigid brush, a fixing gel, and a good pair of tweezers.

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