British resident loses her voice after receiving second AstraZeneca jab

Sofia Gomes has been struggling with a rare post-vaccination symptom—loss of voice.

Vaccination stories
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Vaccination stories

There are a whole range of post-vaccinationsymptoms that people get and it differs from one individual to the other. While some are down with fever, others battle fatigue and sore arms. But this 43-year-old British resident has reported a completely unexpected symptom. She has lost her voice.

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Losing her voice

Hours after receiving her second AstraZeneca jab, Gomes started noticing some worrying side effects that led her to believe that she was having an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Her throat began constricting and she lost her ability to speak. Wisbech Standard interviewed Gomes about her frustrating situation and while she was unable to use her voice, she penned down her story instead. She wrote:

On the night of my second jab I started to feel my throat getting very tight. And as it worsened my partner ended up calling for an ambulance. When I was taken to hospital, I knew it was a bad situation.
In the middle of the same night, however, I noticed I couldn’t speak. They checked me with various I think several specialists came to examine me but, in the end, there was no explanation. All they said was the jab may have caused it.

No explanation

After multiple scans and examinations, the doctors still have not been able to detect the exact reason behind her loss of speech, but one possible explanation is that she has lost command motions from the brain to the throat. Sofia added:

That seems to be what they think, but I am not sure.

On 29 May, the editor of Wisbech Standard John Elworthy revealed that Gomes' speech is yet to return. Her doctors have informed her that it should come back eventually, but they don't know when.

Gomes is not the only person in the UK who lost their voice after vaccination. Back in March, Asian Image reported that 48-year-old Shahid Malik also faced the same problem two days after getting his jab. He said:

I was fine before the vaccine. My voice went within 48 hours of having the vaccine. I woke up on Sunday morning and my voice had gone.

Unlike Gomes, Malik’s voice eventually returned but it’s far from normal. He added:

I still don't have my normal voice back. I have been ringing for the doctors and hospitals and can't even get an appointment to see anyone.
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