A retirement home hired naked waiters and the pensioners loved it

Milton Lodge in England isn’t your everyday retirement home. Here, meals are served by naked men. And the residents think it’s great!

Naked Waiters
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Naked Waiters

In the United States, some retirement homes are built to look and feel like real villages so that the residents feel more at home. In Germany, pensioners can go live and help out on farms. In England on the other hand, residents get to enjoy a slightly different way of living.

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A retirement home that grants wishes

In the Milton Lodge retirement home in Colchester, meals are served by waiters wearing barely anything, which was introduced after one of the residents requested it.

As you can see in the video above, the residents at this care home were overjoyed to see muscular men serving their food. Harmless flirtation and little massages are also included.

A little harmless flirting Mirror

This service went down so well that another resident, Doll Jenkins, also requested the naked waiters for her 100th birthday, which the home happily agreed to. Maybe all retirement homes will offer this service soon.

For now, you know where you need to send your ageing loved ones who still have a lot of life to live and have very active libidos!

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