5 Creepy Cases of Paranormal Activity That Have Never Been Explained

You must have already heard of the white lady... Here are the 5 creepiest unexplained paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal phenomena
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Paranormal phenomena

1. Laura Hatch: a dream too realistic

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On October 2nd, 2004 in Redmond, USA, 17-year-old Laura Hatch went missing. A woman, Sha Nohr, knows the girl she went looking for. She had a dream in which she saw an intersection and a forest. She looked for Laura; when she arrived at the scene, she saw the car accident and the young woman still alive.

2. One evening, returning from the party

In a car, four young people, aged around 17 to 25, were coming back from a party and saw a 50-year-old woman dressed in white, running towards the car. The woman shouted 'watch out for the turn!' The driver decelerated, and the woman disappeared.

3. A dead person in the picture

On March 22nd, 1959 in Ipswich, England, a woman went to the grave of her deceased mother with her husband. The woman took a picture of the grave and then took a picture of her husband in the car. In the photos, the woman recognised her mother sitting in the back of the car.

4. Nancy "Columbo" Myer

Nancy Myer, a psychic who lives in Pennsylvania (USA) has solved more than 750 criminal cases. She only requires the name of the victim, the date of the crime, the date the victim was still alive and a map of the crime scene area. Nancy provides all the details about the murderer.

5. The (last moments) pet cat

Since 2005, he's worked with Alzheimer's patients: 4 hours before a patient's death, a cat goes into a room and stays with the person inside.

This man has never cut his hair in his life! This man has never cut his hair in his life!