'Non-human' corpses put on display at UFO convention (VIDEO)

At a conference on Tuesday, September 12, 'non-human cadavers' were presented to the public. These humanoid cadavers are said to be over a thousand years old.

'Non-human' corpses put on display at UFO convention (VIDEO)
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'Non-human' corpses put on display at UFO convention (VIDEO)

In 2023, the small world of ufology seems to be getting busier than ever. While the USA has held a number of conferences on the subject of UFOs (or UAPs) and released videos of unexplained encounters to the public, it's now Mexico's turn to present the evidence. At a conference held on Tuesday, September 12, mummified 'non-human corpses' were put on display.

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Bodies that are 'not part of terrestrial evolution'

How will the world react the day we prove the existence of extraterrestrials? Will the news be explosive, or will it go relatively unnoticed? This year, the US made UAP videos official and indicated that it was taking the subject very seriously. Of course, this doesn't mean that what we can see on the videos made public is of alien origin, but we might have expected more surprise from the general public.

A few months later, 'non-human' corpses were presented at a congress in Mexico. The event was hosted by ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan, who, under oath, declared:

These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution.

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'Mummies' found in mines

According to the journalist, the bodies presented at the convention do not come from UFOs, but were discovered in mines in 2017. According to analysis, these mummified specimens are over 1,000 years old, and over 30% of their DNA is 'unknown'.

So why isn't this news making all the headlines? Why isn't the discovery of an extraterrestrial species celebrated worldwide? Quite simply because it's not definitive, and some people doubt its veracity. As reported on the Indy100 website:

The Peruvian World Congress on the Study of Mummies has issued a statement condemning the bodies as a hoax made from human remains, and has called for an official investigation to determine whether archaeological crimes have been committed.

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