Will Smith: Old video of the actor snapping at Jada has resurfaced

After the disastrous slap during the Oscars, Will Smith has been under huge media scrutiny. Recently an old video of the actor resurfaced in which he appeared visibly upset.

The relationship between Will Smith and his wife Jada Smith has been an emotional rollercoaster for quite some time now. The couple’s personal details are constantly divulged either by Jada herself or by other sources.

The Oscars drama

Ever since the whole slap ordeal at the Oscars, the actor has been receiving extreme judgment from the viewers as well as many other celebrities. His violent behavior was not tolerated by the Oscar committee and as a result, he is now facing a 10-year ban from the prestigious award ceremony.

The couple is now being closely watched by netizens and now an old video of the two has been making rounds on the internet.

A revealing video resurfaces

The video shows the couple having a very strange interaction. Jada appeared to be filming her husband, Will, however, he did not particularly look enthused to be there. She then begins to question her husband about her infamous affair.

She asks:

Would you say it helped redefine our relationship you and I?

The I Am a Legend actor appears to be disinterested in the conversation and absentmindedly states:

I would say that you should stop filming me without asking my permission

Jada Pinkett then decides to back up her argument with facts: her cheating and the evolution of their relationship. Will Smith, visibly uncomfortable, replies:

My social media presence is my livelihood, so you can't use me for your social media. And don't roll your eyes, I'm at home.

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