Will Smith escapes to a spiritual retreat in India to work on himself

After the slap scandal at the Oscars, Will Smith has made himself visibly scarce from the public eye. The star has since retreated to India to heal.

It is quite hard to forget the night when the world-famous actor, Will Smith slapped, comedian, Chris Rock on the night of the Oscars in front of the whole world. Smith has made himself quite scarce, since then, leaving his, often active, social media pages bare of any new content, and barely being spotted in public as well.

Smith’s healing retreat

It was disclosed that Smith has recently flown to India in order to work on himself in private, away from the public eye. After apologising for the outburst in response to Rock's joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the 53-year-old noticeably disappeared to escape the public scrutiny.

Entertainment Tonightis the one that reported that Will Smith had admitted himself to a spiritual healing centre in India. The reason he has chosen to try spiritual healing is that he doesn't want to repeat such a disastrous incident in the future. He was spotted in Mumbai where he took several pictures with fans.

Smith in the healing process

A close confidant of Smith disclosed in an interview with The Sun, that his childhood plays a significant part in his current mental health. He stated:

He is happy to address his unresolved childhood issues in therapy and will do what he can to make amends for his current lapse in judgement.

Will Smith has embarked on his journey to spiritual healing in India, where he plans to practise yoga and meditation and reflect back on his actions in order to heal. His fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the therapy will help him work through his traumatic experiences and become the old Will they sorely miss.

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