This is what Love Island fans have been saying about Luca Bish’s reaction to the recoupling

In last night’s episode, some dramatic recouplings left Islanders in shock, particularly Luca. However, his reaction did not go down well with the fans.

Danica is a 21-year-old dancer from Leicester, who is the latest bombshell to arrive in the villa. Following Sunday's emotional episode, in which newcomer Danica Taylor chose to pair up with Luca Bish, Love Island viewers had lots to say about him.

Not the end of the world

As the recoupling happened last night, Danica was made to pair up with someone in less than 24 hours of her arrival in the villa. Naturally, the bombshell did not get a chance to know any of the guys well enough, so she decided to go on face value and picked Luca. Before choosing him, she said:

I can kind of only go on what I can see at face value and somebody who I feel like is usually my type. I need to explore that unfortunately so I'm going to have to follow my heart on this one. The boy that I want to couple up with is Luca.

Meanwhile, Luca was seen left frustrated with the recoupling as he still wanted to be with Gemma. Amidst this Metro News reports, fans did not take Luca’s ‘rude’ reaction in a romantic way that suggests his eyes were only on Gemma. Fans took to Twitter and slammed him for his behaviour, including former Love Island star Shaughna Phillips, who wrote:

I get Luca had the hump but he doesn’t need to be THAT mean, or am I just soft lol.

Another Islander added:

Loved Dami telling Luca to get his act together and at least make Danica feel welcome! Let’s face it Luca was pretty rude to the poor girl.

While a third believed:

Luca could have at least said thank you, he was still saved at the end of the day. And she’s right, he should be a bit more open-minded because we all know what happens when people close themselves off too early.

No love lost

The 23-year-old fishmonger was later seen talking to Gemma, where he confessed his feelings to her. MailOnline confirms he had his head in his hands as he was recoupled. After the recoupling, he told Gemma:

I want you, that is it and I don't care.
My eyes are only for you at the minute, you make me feel like a young kid who hasn't experienced anything before all I want to do is get to know you more and more. It will make us stronger but I am gutted.

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