Shaughna Phillips: 'I definitely think I had body dysmorphia in Love Island'

The 28-year-old beauty has admitted to struggling with body dysmorphia while filming Love Island.

Shaughna Phillips, who came to prominence after appearing on Love Island in 2020, has opened up about her life-long struggles with body dysmorphia and her toxic relationship with food.

A hard time accepting herself

The now fitness expert admitted to having once lived through a time where she did not accept her body for what it was. She explained that she relentlessly starved herself as, she believed, being skinny was the key to happiness in life. The blonde beauty was even at one point eating less than 500 calories every day. She said:

I definitely think I had body dysmorphia in Love Island because I was so insecure. I used to carry around like a chocolate bar in my bag if I ever felt very faint and I'd have a bite of the chocolate bar to keep me conscious, which is just ridiculous.

Helping others with similar struggles

Thankfully for Phillips, that lifestyle is now in the past for her. She has since moved on to loving her body after finding her passion in life involved fitness. After reworking her relationship with food, she decided to help others who faced similar struggles by launching her new wellness plan which includes both a web site and mobile app. A mission statement on her web site reads:

I've created a lifestyle and fitness plan that is genuinely for EVERY BODY and puts building your confidence first. The Be You Plan is all about believing in yourself, feeling empowered and becoming more confident than you've ever been before!

Phillips also shared with fans that her wellness plan would differ from other ones on the market. She explained:

This isn't your typical quick-fix, short-term, punish-yourself regime—I've been there, done that and they don't last. This is all about making healthy habits, enjoying your workouts and building a positive long-term lifestyle.

Before adding:

And by creating an online community alongside the plan, we can all work together, motivate and encourage one another along the journey

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