Molly-Mae reveals that her skin condition that made her hide her arms for a year is back

Molly-Mae recently shared yet another medical condition that makes her self-conscious. The Love Island beauty cannot seem to catch a break.

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has always been very open about her ailments and health issues. She has shared photos of her large strawberry birthmark, got two lumps removed and treated a cancerous mole on her leg. All this while sharing updates with her followers for awareness. The 22-year-old is now battling another health issue.

Skin Woes

Molly-Mae took to her Instagram last week and shared pictures of her arm that had discoloured patches all over it. She confessed to having treated this skin condition before that it took her 12 months to get rid of it. Being disheartened that the pigmentation skin condition suddenly returned overnight, she told her followers:

I actually can't believe I've woken up this morning to my pigmentation having come back. It took me a whole year to get rid of this last time.
I didn't get my arms out because I was so self-conscious. I actually can't believe it's come back. No idea what could have caused it.
I think the actual term for this is Tinea Versicolour.

She had previously opened up about it on her YouTube channel and admitted she had to hide her arms for almost a year due to the skin condition.

What is Tinea Versicolour?

Tinea Versicolour is a harmless fungal infection that causes pigmentation on the skin. In Molly’s case, these are white colour patches on her arm. It is also known as Pityriasis Versicolor and is caused by a fungus that lives on the skin.

Caused by a type of yeast called Malassezia, which is present in more than 90% of adults, it thrives naturally without causing any difficulties. Small patches of skin become scaly and discoloured as a result of the illness. The patches might be red or pink in colour. Even though GPs can prescribe antifungal shampoos, tablets, and lotions to cure the illness, it can recur.

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