Millie Court fires back at body shamers amid recent weight gain

The latest winner of Love Island has opened up about her experience with online trolls who have body shamed her for gaining weight since appearing on the show.

Millie Court had to once again shut down pregnancy rumours after online trolls have been commenting on her recent weight gain.

Nasty comments on social media

The series seven winner explained that since appearing on the show, she has gone a couple of sizes up and that people on social media have been judging her for it. The comments have gone as far as to start pregnancy rumours which have made a mark on the stunning blonde bombshell. She explained that even though she has truly enjoyed embracing her new found curves, comments like those can still be very hurtful. She said:

After the show, I gradually put weight back on and rediscovering my curves made me feel sexy. But recently, I’ve received nasty comments on social media about my size-10 figure, with some people even asking if I’m pregnant. Even though I’m now happy with the way I am, inside and out, those comments hurt. I’m human–nobody likes to feel judged.

'No, I am not pregnant'

This isn't the first time the social media influencer has had to shutdown pregnancy rumours. Earlier this year, Court had to make a statement on her Instagram account to put the rumours to rest. She had said:

NO, I am not pregnant although one day hopefully I will be and I'm sure it'll be one of the happiest days of my life. Being a woman, especially in the public eye, I've now experienced what it's like to be absolutely torn apart by the way you look, dress, act etc and it can be hard on someone to be constantly judged.

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Millie Court says she is thrilled to have gained weight post Love Island Millie Court says she is thrilled to have gained weight post Love Island