Love Island's Shaughna Phillips reveals a list of things that producers control

Shaughna Phillips talks about the complete list of things that producers have control over. And everything is under the authority of the bosses, from showers to bag checks.

The 26-year-old former democratic services officer for Lambeth Council was in Winter Love Island 2020 and has some beans to spill. She took fans behind the scenes of the glamour that we witness on screen and according to The Sun’s report bosses control every aspect of the Islanders’ schedules including what they bring into the villa.


One of the weirdest things that producers control is the shower schedule. Islanders are not allowed to shower for longer than 10 minutes! Additionally, the contestants cannot just shower whenever they like—there is a set shower timing, and anyone who goes in the last gets cold water since the hot water runs out.


Islanders are only allowed a professional nail and hair stylist twice during their stay. However, they are expected to be camera-ready all the time.


A lot of bombshells are chosen to be a part of the journey, however, their entry into the villa is not guaranteed. Bombshells are selected based on the romances that develop in the villa, so nothing is set in stone until they actually step foot in the villa. Shaughna also added that getting on with the producers can make a huge difference to an Islander’s overall experience.

Security issues

The former Love Island beauty also confessed that the show’s security team is quite thorough. Islanders’ suitcases go for checking three times before they are allowed to take them into the villa. Islanders aren’t allowed to wear necklaces as they interfere with the microphone along with not letting them wear striped clothes as they strobe on camera. Shaughna added:

You're not allowed any branded items so anything with a logo on or something like that you're not.

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