Love Island’s Anna Vakili confirms her break-up as ‘it was a toxic relationship’

Anna Vakili was dating her sister Mandi’s boyfriend’s best friend and has reportedly broken up with her as it was a toxic relationship that she didn’t want to be a part of.

Love Island beauty Anna Vakili appeared on season five of the hit ITV show but failed to find love in the villa. She recently went to Murad Merali’s YouTube channel and opened up about the break-up telling people she called it quits three days after spending £1,000 on his birthday.

Toxic arrangement

Anna’s sister admitted in February that her sister breaks up every other week, however, the bombshell appears to be pretty serious about the break-up this time. Both the sisters like to keep their relationships private but Anna’s recent blast on Murad Merali’s show proves it’s over for good. Telling her subscribers that she’s been going through a challenging time, she confirmed:

I'm going through a break-up at the moment. You're lucky you managed to get me out of bed this morning. I'm literally miserable.
It was a very toxic relationship. We were arguing a lot. He wasn't giving me what I wanted. I blocked him.

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend did not try to call or text her after she blocked him. Mandi also confirmed in February that Anna knew this relationship wouldn’t last but she could not help herself. Explaining her break-up, she continued:

I know he wants me to chase him, but I'm not doing that. I don't settle for mediocre. Only a basic girl would settle for what he gave.

The break is said to have happened three days after his birthday when Anna spent over a £1,000 for a party she hosted. Heartbroken Anna added:

I spent over a £1,000 three days before we broke up. I threw him this party at his restaurant.

Affairs of the heart

Anna recently also opened up about her secret abortion on her Sisters in the City podcast. She explained to her listeners that her parents banned sex education at school and she fell pregnant after having unprotected sex. Learning from her own mistakes and trying to educate people she confirmed:

When I was younger – about 21, I was having unprotected sex - I don’t know what I was thinking. I wasn’t thinking, and I ended up pregnant.
Obviously, I was really young and I wasn’t ready, and I had an abortion.
At that age, you don’t think about what can happen and I have deep regrets that I did end up pregnant.

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