Love Island: Remi’s Aftersun interview has left fans concerned

After getting evicted from the villa, Remi appeared on the Love Island's Aftersun episode and fans were left feeling sorry for him.

Last night’s recoupling gave a chance to the girls to pick up boys that they want to pair with and that left Remi singled out. He had made a connection with Indiyah, however, she decided to stick to Ikenna who she had been coupled up with since the start.

Early goodbye

This left Remi single and he was made to exit the villa in less than a week of his arrival. The 22-year-old was devastated as he appeared on the spin-off show last night. On the show, he was interviewed by Love Island host Laura Whitmore. Laura asked him how is he feeling now that he was out of the show, to which the rapper replied:

It's gutting. I'm just happy I got to meet Jay.

Seeing that he was clearly upset about leaving the villa so soon, Laura comforted him saying it’s always difficult to make a place in the villa as a bombshell since most people have been coupled up from the start. The Mirror reported that to round up the interview she asked Remi to rap. Remi rapped for the crowd after a brief pause, but he was cut off halfway through. After the awkward silence, he was greeted with applause.

Deserved better

This led many fans to believe that Laura shouldn’t have asked Remi to rap when he was clearly devastated by his early exit from the show. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

That episode of #aftersun could be redacted, cut, or removed in its entirety. Nobody needs to see that Remi interview ever again, least of all Remi himself.

Another added:

Omg I just watched #LoveIsland Aftersun and Remi’s interview was actually hard to watch. I feel so bad, he looks so disheartened. And Laura is something for making him rap.
Nah they did Remi DIRTY on Aftersun! Imagine the man flopped his bars again! Jesus is Lord.

However, Laura later cleared the air on her Instagram and informed people that Remi was asked in advance about rapping. She wrote:

Remi is a rapper and asked in good faith in advance if he’d rap and prepare something which he did. Live Telly is nerve wrecking, believe me, so maybe he was a bit nervous but he deserved to have his time. Also, I want to make Remi & Afia happen.

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