Love Island: Fans worked out who would Davide pick right after the episode

Love Island had its first re-coupling of the season yesterday and it was something that the fans had expected already.

As the launch episode ended, Davide received the first text of the show and was asked to pick a girl to couple up with. Three girls, Tasha, Gemma, and Paige, admitted that they fancied the Italian hunk and the show fans had already worked out who Davide would pick.

Not so much a surprise

After the bombshell entered the villa, he left girls flustered and boys annoyed. He spared no time in getting to know the girls as the Islanders indulged in a game of dares to break the ice. During the episode, after the three gorgeous women admitted they fancied the Italian stallion, Davide was the hot topic. Tasha gave Davide a lap dance during the game while Gemma planted a kiss on him, to show their interest.

As Paige, Tasha, and Gemma all eyed each other when Davide received the text and began wondering who he would choose, the viewers at home had already decoded the puzzle. Here’s what fans wrote on Twitter:

If Davide chooses Gemma I will SCREAM. Please give us drama and twists. Choose someone else pls.
Davide will choose someone to annoy one of the guys, I don't think he actually likes anyone in there really.

Another two added:

I think Davide will choose Paige or Gemma.
I want Davide to choose Paige so she can be freed of #that man

Wrong move!

And as last night’s episode came to an end, Davide proved the viewers right as he picked Gemma over the other two girls. Despite anticipating the result, fans fumed at him for picking the wrong girl to couple up with. They slammed his decision and expressed their anger:

Gemma and Davide don’t look good together I just had to say it #LoveIsland
Gemma is so attached to Davide, it’s so weird, they won’t last an hour with one another.

Another shared:

Davide chose stuck up Gemma big mistake bro. Feel for that Liam lad tho #LoveIsland

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