Love Island fans spot this humongous editing fail in the recent episode

The recent episode of the ITV2 dating reality show showed a recoupling between Islanders and fans were quick to notice an edit fail amidst the recoupling.

In the recent episode, fans saw Danica choosing Jay to couple up with him despite him rejecting her before recoupling. Jay had confessed she feels a romantic connection with Antigoni, but since Danica got to choose first, she picked Jay over Charlie.

Two Damis

It was after the recoupling was done and Jay was telling the boys about how he had cleared his feelings to Danica and yet she chose him. Surrounding him near the firepit were the boys Andrew, Luca, Davide and Dami while eagle-eyes fans were quick to spot that Dami was right behind the guys walking back into the villa with Indiyah.

According to the Mirror, this led to the ultimate confusion as he was clearly seen in the front shot as well as in the background. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

@LoveIsland please explain why Dami is in two places at once? He’s clearly at the fire pit, and clearly walking away with Indiyah? Why edit this together? Doesn’t make sense. #LoveIsland
How is Dami in two places at once? #LoveIsland

Some fans believed that it was done deliberately to show Danica in a negative light.

Now I’ve seen this, I definitely think it’s been edited together to make out Danica was the bad guy, maybe she really did think Jay was into her too, and then they did this for the drama. #LoveIsland.
It’s definitely Dami as he’s got his hand on Indiyah’s bum!!! Why edit this together? I can’t see the point of it. Unless the convo took place at a later time and they wanted to make more drama, maybe #loveisland

Poor Danica

The entire incident has added to the turbulent experience that Danica has been going through since the start. This is the fourth time she has been rejected ever since she stepped foot in the villa. Considering her young age, people were worried for her and asked producers to check on her, reports Mirror. Amber Gill tweeted:

Why are the guys so rude toward Danica?? I f***ing hate it #loveisland.
Every time Danica picks a man they get angry like they’ve been picked for jury duty #LoveIsland.
I feel so sorry for Danica. Being turned down constantly when she’s going for different guys. From Luca to Davide and Andrew. Can’t say the girl hasn’t tried. #loveisland.

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