Love Island fans shocked by how this contestant acted during Amber's 'brutal' exit

Reality TV is all about drama and gossip, but how far is too far when it comes to being fake with each other on the show?

In a shocking vote, last night, Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna were sent back home by a public vote. And as the villa sulked at the departure of their favourite people and friends, Ekin-Su’s reaction to Amber leaving the villa didn’t go down well with the viewers.

So much for seasonal friendships?

When Ekin-Su entered the villa, she made it clear that she had come on the show to find the love of her life and not make seasonal friendships. As such, 24 hours before Amber’s departure from the villa, Ekin-Su and Amber got into an argument where Amber accused her of being fake and causing drama. Ekin-Su’s reaction was rather loud and rude for Amber.

However, at the vote when it was announced that Amber was leaving, Ekin-Su burst out into tears and rested her head on Amber’s shoulder. The Sun reports that this has led fans to believe she is fake on the show and perhaps Amber was right to accuse her of not being ‘genuine.’ Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

Ekin Su acting devastated and leaning on Amber's shoulder as if she wasn't just cussing the girl out two minutes ago.
Ekin Su with her forehead on Amber's shoulder??? No this girl is FAKEEEEE.
Amber so wanted to shrug Ekin Su off her shoulder.

Fake it till you make it

Reportedly, Ekin-Su is not just fake with fellow girls of the villa, she may be faking her feelings for the guys in the villa as well. Recently the messages that Ekin-Su sent to a friend about people in the villa revealed that she considered Davide to be a player, yet she was the first one to couple up with him until Jay arrived. And now in the latest new discovery, The Sun reports that she might be faking her feelings for Jay as well.

Based on a voice message, heard by the publication, sent by Ekin-Su to a male friend, she doesn’t like guys with a rippling frame. She told her friend:

You don’t want to be all ripped, trust me. I don’t even like that look.

This differs from her current interest in all ripped-out Jay Younger who drinks six raw eggs every morning to maintain his physique.

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