Love Island fans believe Gemma Owen is still with Jacques after the surprise clue

As Gemma makes the blunder of calling Luca ‘Jacques’, fans speculate the two are still secretly together.

Gemma is currently paired up with Luca Bish, however, Love Island fans are predicting that she could still secretly be with ex-boyfriend Jacques O'Neill. The two dated for eight months when Gemma was 17 and the rugby star even met her father, according to The Sun.


When Jacques entered the villa, Gemma admitted that she still fancied him but didn't want to go back there. However, in last night’s show, she accidentally called Luca ‘Jacques’ and made it awkward for everyone. Her blunder was picked up by all sitting there and Luca was left furious by the incident. What triggered fans more was how before consoling Luca, Gemma giggled about it with Jacques. Following her blunder, she told Luca:

I absolutely didn't mean to say it. It was a genuine mistake. I have no feelings for him and I'm not interested in getting back with him.

A very unconvinced Luca pointed out how she went to joke about it with Jacques and said:

It makes it weirder for me that two minutes later you were in there with your ex.

To which Gemma concluded:

Don't roll your eyes at me and stop being a p***k.
It was a genuine mistake, I'm sorry, I can appreciate you feeling angry. That's all I have to say.

Secret relationship

The entire incident left fans wondering if the two are still secretly together. The way Gemma had been calm about Jacques being in the villa and girls getting to know him all add up to the fan theory that they have been together all this while.The Mirror reported that fans wrote on Twitter:

I'm predicting that Gemma and her ex are secretly still together.

Another added:

What if Gemma & Jacques are secretly together outside the show & that's why she didn’t seem that bothered about him coming in & she’s gave nothing to any of the lads/ seems boring?

A third added:

Imagine if Gemma and Jacques are actually together irl and they’re just scamming us to win the 50k #LoveIsland.

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