Love Island: Coco Lodge slams Paige Thorne for being fake

Coco Lodge had a hard time getting along with Paige Thorne in the villa and she’s making sure everyone knows how things were in the villa.

Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge has been firing shots at Paige Thorne ever since she was dumped from the villa. In a new claim, she has accused ‘bitchy’ Paige of faking her romance with Adam Collard.

Fake it!

Coco Lodge previously confirmed that Paige was unkind to her and despite making efforts, she wasn’t able to get on her good side. The Sun has now reported that Coco believes Adam and Paige won’t last after the villa as she accuses the Welsh paramedic of faking her romance with Adam.

Speaking to Johnny Seifert on the Secure The Insecure podcast, she said:

Paige and Adam probably would be the ones who I'd say probably won't last. They've only been seeing each other for like what, two weeks, but they're exclusive. Yeah, weird.

Doubting their romance, she added:

I just don't see how you should switch from Jacques to Adam so quickly. That's all they could work on.
I mean Adam is fit like really fit, and obviously really nice to be honest and mature and maybe that's something she does need is someone - like a bit more mature.
For me, those were the ones who I would say just purely based on time, and like the fact that she was with Jacques before - I don't really see them lasting as much as like Luca and Gemma, Dami and Indiyah and Andrew and Tasha.

Unfair experience

Coco not only struggled to find love in the villa, but she also believes that the Casa Amor process was unfair and the Islanders' fake storylines to win the show and the prize. On the same podcast, she ranted:

You [Casa Amor bombshells] don't get the same experience as other people in there. And it's kind of like, a little bit unfair.

Accusing Islanders for only causing drama for the TV, she also blasted off on how Casa Amor was different and more real earlier.

Back in the day when Casa first started, people would turn their heads and they would stick with them because it wasn't all about like winning the crown and getting to the final.
Now I think people will have their fun 'cause the drama for the TV like I think that's a lot of in their heads.
Then the original girls come back and they just go straight back to them whether they've got a strong connection with someone else instead like it just is just the way it is.

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