Love Island bosses take action as wannabes dump their partners to be on the show

Love Island is the OG of love and not a quick fix to fame. The show bosses are keen on maintaining their stance on it.

Love Island is a show where, if you are lucky enough, you can expect to meet the love of your life. However, some people only treat it as a quick way to gain fame and try to get on the show despite having solid relationships. Example: Lucinda Strafford had her on-again-off-again relationship with footballer Aaron Connolly and they dated again after her time on the show.

Don’t need no wannabes

There are many potential Islanders out there who are in relationships and yet try to somehow hide it or dump their partners to be on the show. This has prompted the Love Island bosses to remind people that they do not need fame-seekers on their show. This comes after there was a suggestion that someone tactically split from their partner to be on the show. A source told The Sun:

Love Island bosses has no interest in fame seekers. They’re savvy to Islanders who think the show is a quick fix to fame and fortune.
As has always been the case, Love Island bosses cast single Islanders who are looking for love. Nothing else will fly with them. Viewers tune in to watch relationships blossom, it's as simple as that.

Another source also confirmed that a person in talks with the bosses came to an agreement with their partner that they would ‘get back together’ after the show so they wouldn’t miss this chance of being famous.

Scrutiny is important

ITV2 have not yet finalised the cast of the show but it has been reported that each applicant is scrutinised to a great extent. They undergo an extensive process of questions about their relationship status and only after a careful investigation are cast on the show. A spokesperson told MailOnline:

Our only stipulation is Islanders must be over 18, single and looking for love.

Maintaining the theme this year of being the OGs of love, bosses are even more careful about casting people.

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