Laura Whitmore hints at possible dumping at the Love Island villa

Love Island viewers can possibly anticipate a shock dumping from the Villa as Laura Whitmore does this.

Love Island has been known for its unpredictability and so viewers and fans can anticipate anything at any point in time. Only a week or two ago, Ikenna and Amber were sent back home in a surprise double eviction.

Villa calling

According to The Sun, Laura has left fans and viewers wondering if a surprise dumping could be on the cards for the villa. As she posted a story of herself from the Heathrow Airport earlier today, she has hinted that she is heading to Mallorca. If the 37-year-old presenter is indeed on her way to Mallorca, some hearts are bound to get broken.

Joking about her outfit, Laura made a remark that she looks like a toddler. This comes as she was wearing a summery dungaree with sunflowers on it and she photographed herself in a designer shop. If Laura is indeed on her way to the villa, a surprise eviction would really shake things up as the drama in the villa has been increasing significantly every day.

Oh no!

This is Laura Whitmore’s third year presenting the series since she took over the show from the late Caroline Flack. In the recent episode of Love Island Aftersun, a blunder occurred that made fans feel bad for the presenter. In the recent mishap, The Sun reports, Laura had lipstick on her teeth and it seemed like no one told her for quite some time about the mishap. Fans took to Twitter and said:

Why are none of these girls telling Laura she has lipstick on her teeth… everyone knows the universal signal.
Don’t set laura up like that, tell her to get that lipstick off her teeth PLEASE.

And once she had removed the lipstick from her teeth, fans thanked whoever told her to get rid of it.

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