Katie Price: Fans outraged by former glamour model's parenting skills

Katie Price has come under fire by fans who believe she should not be letting her 14-year-old daughter, Princess, wear makeup.

Price, who has been accused of exploiting disabled son Harvey for her own financial gains, has come under fire once again for the way Princess presents herself on social media.

Too young to wear makeup?

After the 14-year-old daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre posted selfies on her Instagram account sporting a healthy amount of makeup on her face, her followers did not shy away from expressing concern. The pictures, which have since been deleted from her Instagram, incited followers to question the parenting skills of both Price and Andre. One user wrote:

I may be old fashioned but this would be a no for me and this is where parents should step in.

While another quipped:

I was running around in Mary kate and Ashley clothes at 14 playing knock a door run. Wow so scary how grown up young girls are now, please just enjoy being young x.

And a third believed the criticism should be directed towards her parents not Princess herself:

Can we all remember this CHILD is a CHILD! A 14 year old minor. Keep your inappropriate messages & trolling messages about her mother to yourselves.

Peter Andre: 'I think she's a natural beauty'

In the past, 49-year-old Peter Andre has made it clear that he prefers his daughter to wear no makeup at all but that he respects Princess' decisions as she enters teenage-hood. Commenting on the scandal involving Amanda Holden's 10-year-old daughter wearing makeup, he said:

When it comes to things like that, every parent will be different. Although Princess enjoys make-up, I’m still funny about her posting pictures wearing it as I think she’s a natural beauty.. But as I’ve always said, it doesn’t mean I’m right.

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