Katie Price called out by Piers Morgan in an open letter

Katie Price lives quite an outrageous lifestyle, between bankruptcy, court appearances, and so on. Piers Morgan has called her out on her behaviour.

Katie Price, 44, is known for her x-rated pictures back when she was a glamour model for The Sun’spage 3. Since then, she has continued her extravagant lifestyle and has recently started an OnlyFans. However, her x-rated behaviour has been noticed on nights out. Piers Morgan called her out in an open letter.

Piers Morgan’s recollections

Katie Price and Piers Morgan have a close relationship that has lasted over 20 years according to The Sun. In his open letter, Piers calls out Katie Price saying ‘wake the f**k up’.

Piers recalls some of his encounters with the former glamour model, including Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party. According to Piers Morgan, Price had ‘morphed into full-on Jordan’ (her persona for The Sun) and expressed ‘indignant rage’ after Cowell had turned her down.

The Sunreports the open letter said:

I remember you stumbling towards me at Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party, where you’d morphed into full-on Jordan as the night wore on, and expressing your indignant rage that the birthday boy had just declined your offer of a risqué sexual gift.
Katie Price and Simon Cowell at the 2003 after party of the British Comedy Awards Dave Benett/Getty

Piers Morgan then recalls ‘bumping into’ Price at the National TV Awards where she made inappropriate comments to the TV presenter. When he asked Price if she was intoxicated, she allegedly replied:

‘I'm not drunk yet,' you laughed, 'but I will be soon and when I am, watch out Morgan!
Then you explained exactly what you would do to me, which I'm afraid is not repeatable in a family newspaper!

Piers also talks about an incident with Prime Minister Boris Johnson when she ‘flashed’ him. Piers says he was told by an ‘impeccable celebrity source’ that was at the dinner party in Italy that Johnson and Price attended. He wrote:

I remember being told by an impeccable celebrity source, who was there, about an outrageous dinner party in Italy a few years ago where you suddenly flashed your surgically enhanced cleavage at our now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Piers Morgan is usually a fan of Katie Price

Piers Morgan also mentioned in his open letter how he is usually a fan of Katie Price as she is ‘one of the most spectacularly open, honest and frank celebrities that I know.’

He then goes on to say that due to her current actions, he is finding it ‘very hard to praise’ her as she is an ‘embarrassing train-wreck’.

Katie Price called out by Piers Morgan in an open letter  @piersmorgan / Instagram
But right now, I’m finding it very hard to praise you for anything because everything you do and say these days smacks of someone who has jumped the shark from amusing entertainer to embarrassing train-wreck

Piers tells Price to ‘pull herself together for the sake of her kids,’ as reports The Sun.

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