Joey Turner: Towie star has exposed the bullying received from this former Islander

TOWIE star, Joey Turner, has revealed to fans that this former Love Island star cyberbullied by leaving nasty comments on his Instagram account.

Chloe Burrows is coming under major fire! Towie star, Joey Turner, has revealed that she bullied him back in 2019 before she shot to fame...

Chloe Burrows: 'so vile'

Taking to his Instagram stories, the Towie star shared with his followers that Chloe Burrows, who he claims has no idea who she is besides the fact that she appeared on Love Island, bullied him when he was just 17 years old. In the story he said:

Was casually going thru my archived posts. I'm screaming hahahahahha. Not 17-year-old me getting hated on by a wannabe Love Islander purrrrr.

As it turns out, Burrows had left a comment on a picture he had archived on his account that read 'so vile'. Burrows has not commented on the incident since being exposed by Turner. Unfortunately for the latter, this isn't the first time he has been victim of intense cyberbullying. He explained that, in the past, he was forced to seek professional help after being threatened online by trolls. He said:

I called the Towie phsychologist at 2am in the morning because of it. They have said I can call them anytime I have a problem, and they will always answer the phone.

A plastic surgery enthusiast

Despite being a target for bullies for the way he looks, as he is very keen on extreme body modification, he says he is very pleased with the results of his plastic surgery. He shared:

Botox and dermal fillers help me look and feel more mature. I really like how it looks. It was about enhancing the features I already have. I'm really pleased with it.

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