Jacques O'Neill quits Love Island after Adam makes his moves on Paige

Reportedly, the rugby Jacques Jacques O'Neill has quit the Love Island villa just hours after the latest bombshell Adam Collard made his moves on Paige Thorne

Paige Thorne and Jacques O’Neill had been going from strength to strength until Casa Amor came in and Jacques got strayed. Ever since the recoupling last week, Jacques has been trying to win Paige back and doing his best.

Goodbye, Paige!

However, it looks like things have not been going in his favour. After the return of Adam Collard as a bombshell, things had become messier for him and Paige reports DailyMail. As Adam chatted with Paige, she found her head turning a little and admitted that Adam was really fit. Meanwhile, Adam had been ‘slagging him [Jacques] off’ in front of Paige.

Amidst this, Jacques felt that his attempts to win Paige were getting nowhere and he hinted repeatedly that if Paige didn't forgive him, he would walk out of the show. As such, today becomes the day he would quit the villa – following the lead of Liam Llewellyn – and explain to fellow Islanders in tonight’s episode. A Love Island source confirmed:

Jacques has made the decision to leave the Villa.
He will explain his reasons to the Islanders during tonight’s episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.

Things seemed to have been going well for her and Paige after he shared his feelings with her and she invited him back to her bed but looks like there is more than what meets the eye.

Poor Jacques

Jacques and Paige’s shaky romance started when he got tempted in Casa Amor. While viewers were slamming him for his behaviour on the show. His family took his side and explained to the viewers that Jacques was diagnosed with ADHD when he was nine years old, so he ‘can fundamentally struggle with his emotions.’

Meanwhile, Paige wasn’t able to justify Jacques’s action on the technicality that Casa was a test. Mirror reports, that Paige admitted:

I get Casa is a test, but it’s only a test if you want it to be a test and you only want tests if you feel like something is missing or if you feel like something’s not 100%.
Why did you do it if you didn’t have any of those things with her [Cheyanne] or if you genuinely felt that way about me? Because it’s not adding up. I’m not sure you quite understand how.

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