Here’s how Love Island producers chat with the Islanders in the villa

Love Island producers have a way of chatting with the Islanders without ever showing them their faces and here’s how they do it.

The famous Love Island beach hut is the safe haven for the Islanders in the show. They can come to the beach hut and vent out. Interestingly, not just for the viewers but also for themselves. A Love Island producer revealed specifics on how they interact with the Islanders in the villa and where tough conversations and tears occur behind closed doors.

Beach hut

A video that Love Islandproducer Mo posted on social media provides an inside look at what goes on in the Beach Hut but is hidden from the audience, reports The Sun. The beach hut is equipped with a camera and voice box and Islanders can come in anytime to vent or share a problem or simply share their experiences.

Mo spilt the secret and told people:

A little fact for you, I'm not actually in the villa with them.
I'm in a gallery over there and I've got my own little voice box where I will be able to talk to the Islanders.
What they do is they talk to a camera directly and they can hear my voice booming in - so I'll be asking them generic questions like 'how it's it going today' or 'how's life in the villa today?'

And admitting that the Islanders never get to see him, he added:

And they are talking down the lens and basically talking to me but they can just hear my voice. So, they have never actually seen me.

Safe space

The fact that Islanders can talk to a voice and not a face has a whole different idea behind it. Talking about the relevance of his role and the set-up of the beach hut, Mo added:

It's a safe haven and safe space for them to vent or talk about what's going on in the island.
I'm here to make sure they feel comfortable and can express all the emotions.

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