Rihanna: This little-known detail about her Super Bowl performance will shock you

The Super Bowl is a huge event, even outside of the US. So many stars perform incredibly during this national event. However, there’s a small catch for Rihanna.

This little-known detail from Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance will shock you
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This little-known detail from Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance will shock you

Rihanna gave a memorable performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. It was the singer’s first performance in years and she also showed off her baby bump. One question that many will likely be asking themselves is: How much did Rihanna earn for her performance?

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The NFL funds the Super Bowl halftime show

As you all know, the NFL invites some of the biggest stars to perform during the 13-minute break, from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga including Paul McCartney and so on. However, the singers aren’t actually paid for their performances.

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But it’s not all that bad. The NFL funds the halftime show by paying all the expenses for it, including the travel cost for the performers. An NFL representative told The Independent that the football league ‘covers all costs associated with the show and does pay the halftime performers’ union scale.’

So that means that Rihanna only had her expenses covered. The fact she didn’t get paid may not be that worrying as the Caribbean singer is worth around $1.7 billion.

The performers help pay for the halftime show

On occasion, the halftime performer has also contributed money to the show. The Super Bowl halftime show can cost up to $10 million. According to reports, The Weeknd invested $7 million of his own money for his performance in 2021 and Dr Dre did the same in 2022.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance in 2020 cost the NFL $13 million. Despite the stars not getting paid, they do gain more recognition. Indeed according to Forbes, Jennifer Lopez gained 2.3 million followers across all of her social media accounts after her performance with Shakira.

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The singers can still earn money through their performances at the Super Bowl as their songs or albums that were performed increase in streams in the following days. Jennifer Lopez’s streams went up by 335% while Sharika's went up by 230%.

The same happened after Lady Gaga’s performance in 2017 the songs she sang sold 1,000 digital downloads the following day, according to Billboard.

So this is a chance for Rihanna to reconnect with her fans and potentially gain new ones after taking a long break in her music career.

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Rihanna changes her mind about performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show Rihanna changes her mind about performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show