Molly-Mae: Fans bash PrettyLittleThing for lack of sustainability

Molly-Mae's PrettyLittleThing fashion brand has come under fire once again over unethical and unsustainable practices.

Molly-Mae Hague: Fans bash PrettyLittleThing for lack of sustainability
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Molly-Mae Hague: Fans bash PrettyLittleThing for lack of sustainability

Molly-Mae has posted a try on haul video on her YouTube channel to showcases some of her favourite PrettyLittleThing pieces that were featured at her recent catwalk show.

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Fans are not impressed

In the video, she talks about the design process of some of her favourites pieces before modelling them for viewers to get a better sense of each individual garment. She also explains how much effort went into creating the collection and how proud she is of the design team. She says:

Something about this collection is just so so special to me. We have worked on it for months upon months upon months. There is just something in this collection for everyone and I know that every single person watching this video is gonna see a piece their absolutely love.

Before adding:

I've been loving seeing you guys wear the collection. It literally makes me want to cry because the hard work that goes into creating these collections—the reward is when we see you guys wearing it and styling it up.

However, though Hague is over the moon about how her latest collection turned out, comments on the video seemed more concerned about the lack of ethical practices by PLT. One user, by the name of Denny Faner, wrote:

Ugh, I’m such a huge fan of yours Molly. I wish I could support this endeavour of yours but I just can’t support unethical clothing brands & fast fashion. I hope with you now in the company you’ll attempt to change that, and produce more quality staple ethical pieces.

While another viewer, Venetia La Manna, also expressed similar disdain, saying:

Great to see loads of comments rightly raising the severe lack of sustainability and ethics from PLT. Unfortunately PLT's business model means that the brand will never be sustainable, and any suggestion that they might be, is greenwashing.

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Not the first time being called out

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that the public has spoken out agains PLT's questionable business model. Last month, in protest against Molly Mae's PLT catwalk show during London Fashion Week, former Islander Brett Staniland spoke out against unfair wages to factory staff perpetuated by PLT.

Hague has yet to make a comment on the issue raised by many despite being very present on several social media platforms. Only time will tell whether she will address the issue and—more importantly—try to make an effort to make positive changes.

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