'GOT' actress Esmé Bianco sues Marilyn Manson for abuse and human trafficking

On Friday, 30th April, Esme Bianco filed a lawsuit against Manson for human trafficking and sexual, physical and mental abuse in Los Angeles federal court.

Marilyn Manson
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Marilyn Manson

After three months of publicly accusing the goth rock icon, Marilyn Manson, Esme Bianco has now filed a lawsuit against him on grounds of psychological and physical abuse. Bianco briefly dated Manson in 2011 and posted on Instagram in February how she is 'speaking up now' in her way and 'sharing this story with others because he must be held accountable.'

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The lawsuit claims

As per the lawsuit, Brian Hugh Warner a.k.a Marilyn Manson made false promises to Bianco under the pretence that she will be starring in her music videos. The suit alleges Manson and his former manager Tony Ciulla have violated the human trafficking laws by flying her from London twice. Once for a music video, 'I want to kill you like they do in movies,' which was never released, and another time for a horror film titled, Phantasmagoria, which was never created.

In 2009, during the shoot for the music video, Bianco was made to stay at Manson’s home instead of the hotel room booked for her and, there was no crew, just Manson shooting from his phone. The suit says:

He also supplied drugs to Ms. Bianco and deprived her of sleep and food in order to weaken her physically and mentally and decrease her ability to refuse him. Mr. Warner committed sexual acts with Ms. Bianco when she was unconscious or otherwise unable to consent.

When Manson again brought Bianco to LA in 2011, allegedly he did not allow her to leave home without his permission and chased her around their apartment with an axe. He also cut her with a 'Nazi Knife,' took pictures of it and posted them online, without her consent.

The suit reveals that the actress suffers from severe PTS:

It took Ms. Bianco years to understand the extent of Mr. Warner’s physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse. Her career suffered due to the deterioration of her mental health.

Manson Responds to the abuse suit

In Manson’s response to the sexual assault and battery suit he has said that the allegations have no merit. According to Howard E. King, his attorney:

These claims are provably false.

He further argues that these claims were only made after Mr. Warner denied the outrageous financial demands made by Esme Bianco and her lawyer.

Manson is currently under investigation by the LA sheriff’s department for multiple domestic abuse allegations from more than half a dozen women.

FBI called in for investigation against Marilyn Manson FBI called in for investigation against Marilyn Manson