These Women Prove That Thinner Isn't Always Better!

These Women Prove That Thinner Isn't Always Better!

If you look at the beauty standards set by the fashion industry, models and influencers on Instagram, you'll notice that being thin (or skinny even) has been considered be-all and end-all. But some women have chosen to undergo the opposite body transformation: they decided to gain weight, and they're even more beautiful now!

In order to gain muscle, you have to gain weight!

The women taking part in this campaign decided to say to hell with traditional beauty standards that you see in magazines. Instead of skin and bones, they wanted to gain some muscle and focus on strength. Some of these transformations are huge: influencer Julia Baesslera, who went from 38 to 50 kilos, now has a toned, curvier body.

Kenzie Forbes, a young woman who gives fitness advice on her Instagram account, underwent a similar transformation. She was once very thin (weighing 39 kilos), and is now gorgeously muscular and curvy, weighing in at 64 kilos.

Increased body confidence

Some influencers, supermodels and professional athletes decide to gain weight not to gain strength, but simply to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Liza Golden-Bhojwani is a perfect example: the former size 6 model used to be skin and bones. Since then, the young woman has gained weight and is absolutely gorgeous. Her curves look great on her, and she exudes self-confidence and sex appeal.

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Even more surprising, a former female bodybuilder named Jolene Jones has ditched the high-protein diets and intense workouts for a less shredded body. The young woman is happy, loves her body and feels free!

Check out the video for more amazing weight gain transformations!

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