This Dog Gave Birth To A Record-Breaking Number Of Puppies

A brave dog in the United Kingdom went through an unusual pregnancy and labour. The female Rottweiler named Roxy gave birth… to 16 puppies! This is the largest litter of puppies that has ever been recorded in the country.

In the Marshall family, they knew that Roxy was going to give birth at any moment. But they definitely didn’t expect such a large litter! In fact, the dog that was adored by this British family gave birth to 16 puppies, and all without any help!

As a result, Roxy now holds the record for the largest litter ever recorded in the United Kingdom.

The dog belongs to Mark Marshall, a corporal in the British army, and his wife Laura. They both kept a watchful eye on her during her pregnancy and prepared for six little Rottweilers after a veterinary ultrasound.

More than a mother, a heroine!

On the day she gave birth, Roxy was whining and let them know that she was ready to give birth. Mark and his wife kept an eye on her but didn’t want to scare their dog. She ended up going into a bedroom where she then gave birth to her first puppy. Then, in the half hour that followed, four more arrived one by one… and that was just the start, because to the owners’ amazement, Roxy gave birth to 16 puppies!

The puppies are now 8 weeks old and are doing really well. Their mother is in good health, but she did need to rest after her strenuous labour.

The Marshall family has said they will put the puppies up for adoption as soon as they’re independent enough, with the exception of one of the young females, Bella, who will stay in the home she was born in to grow up with the family.

Check out the video above to see more of brave Roxy and her incredible record-breaking brood!

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