Pet Owner Under Fire For Controversial Decision To Put Healthy Pup Down

Pet Owner Under Fire For Controversial Decision To Put Healthy Pup Down

An incident where an American dog owner made arrangements for her healthy dog to be put down following her own death has sparked public uproar. However you may be shocked to find out how it works in the UK – check out the video to find out!

A story from Virginia, US has generated huge backlash from animal lovers as it has come to light that a healthy dog was put down under a pet owners wishes to be buried next to her loyal companion.

The element which appears to be sparking the most controversy, is the fact that a shelter tried relentlessly to rescue the dog assuring that it would easily find a new long-term home.

Carrie Jones, the manager of Chesterfield Animal Services in Virginia explained, “We did suggest they could sign the dog over on numerous occasions, because it’s a dog we could easily find a home for and re-home.”

US laws tend to vary greatly depending on the state you reside in. According to some laws, pets can be buried alongside their owners and in some cases there are even pet graveyards.

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As it turns out however, it is common that vets in the UK have to carry out euthanasia on a family pet for a wide variety of reasons.

Click on the video to find out more!

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