These Are The Massive Mistakes In Disney Movies That You Probably Never Noticed

Movie mistakes are commonplace. It is often likely that a blunder isn't spotted and evades the final post-production touch-ups, even in a studio as big as Disney. Disney's animated films have also missed several mistakes. Some have become infamous, while subliminal messages from the studio have sometimes been the subject of controversy...

When watching a Disney or Pixar cartoon, it's hard to notice all the hidden references, subliminal messages, and juicy details the first time. Animation films are sometimes full of mistakes. Some of them are memorable and the creators of the cartoons have sometimes didn't notice them until they were caught by the public eye. Here's a short list of some of the most infamous blunders in Disney productions:


The robot hero's job is to compact the waste that has invaded our planet. Yet at no point in the movie can we see Eve's mate performing this task. We console ourselves by saying that Wall-E is too busy dreaming of love to work...

Monsters, Inc.

In this animated Pixar film, little Boo causes power outages by laughing at the beginning of the movie. Thereafter, no power failure occurs at Monstropolis when the adorable child spends her time laughing alongside Bob and Sully. The director, Pete Docter, has also recognized this error, which doesn't make the film any less charming.


In Pocahontas, the heroine and her friend Nakoma hold hands during a sequence. However, their shadows don't seem to match.

Toy Story 2

Rex is somewhat obsessed with television in Toy Story 2. The dinosaur has a reason to be surprised, especially when you notice that his reflection does not appear on the screen when the television is off.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel rides on a piece of furniture during a scene from The Little Mermaid. We can also see her breaking a pink vase when she puts her foot on the dresser. Yet the vase was not present when Ariel climbed on it. That's also the magic of Disney studios ...

Toy Story

In the first Toy Story movie, miniature soldiers can be seen talking on a walkie-talkie with Woody on a scouting mission. However, this is not technically possible since it is simply a baby monitor. Again, this blunder doesn't take away from this classic cartoon's quality...

The Lion King

Did you notice a half-naked woman on the Disney classic's poster that shocked an entire generation? Mufasa's snout can indeed be interpreted in a different way if you look at it closely and accentuate certain features. This controversial poster is probably one of the best-known cases of Disney's subliminal messages.


Had you ever noticed that the hero was entering a brothel during a musical sequence? Aladdin indeed enters a building where he seems to be disturbing three women. Many theories claim that these three women are actually prostitutes...

Have you ever noticed other mistakes or unusual details in Disney productions?

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