One Of Our Favourite Toy Story Characters Is Back With A Completely New Look

Every day more information is released about the fourth instalment of the Toy Story saga. We have just learned that the character of Bo Peep, the shepherdess, will be back, and she has changed!

Mark this date in your calendar: on June 26th, 2019 the long-awaited animated feature film from Pixar Studios, Toy Story 4 will be released. We are happy to have a specific date since the fourth instalment was postponed because of accusations against John Lasseter, Artistic Director of Pixar Animation Studios. Fortunately for us, these problems are behind the makers of Toy Story 4, which will arrive on time, and with some very big changes.

A shepherdess with a new look

Although some new characters will appear in this sequel, old favourites will be back as well to the delight of fans! Bo Peep, the shepherdess, will make her comeback in the fourth part, after disappearing in the third instalment. After twenty years of absence, Woody’s romantic interest has changed quite a bit! Her new look has just been revealed in a new teaser released on January 28th. The classic shepherdess look is now gone, replaced by a super heroine look with a blue cape.

Josh Cooley, the Toy Story 4 producer revealed some information about this shepherdess 2.0 via a press release: ‘While Woody was taking care of Andy growing up, she was collecting dust, but now she is determined to discover the world. And when they meet up again, they cannot help but fall for each other... After years of being on her own, Bo has developed an adventurous spirit, which contrasts with her porcelain appearance.’ Annie Potts, the actress who voices this character added that Bo is ‘modern, independent, confident and competent,’ and that she will have an important role in this sequel. We cannot wait to see it!

Check out the video above to see Bo Peep's dramatic transformation for yourself!

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