Disney Movies Still Have One Really Big Problem

For many years, Disney has done its best to keep up with a society that is always changing, which hasn’t always proven easy.

Here is the latest from Disney! Frozen (2013) has two independent heroines, Anna and her sister Elsa who prove they don’t need a prince to be happy. But actually, we can see that equality isn’t always respected in Disney films. A study led by two linguists, Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer that was published in the Washington Post, highlighted the shocking inequality between the face time of male characters and female characters. Even in Frozen, the male characters still have twice as much face time as the female characters!

Since the 30s, the only Disney films where women are on the screen more than men are Brave (2012) and Tangled (2010). However, there are a lot of other Disney films with prominent female heroines that even have their names in the titles such as Mulan, Snow White, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and lots more. But on the other hand, linguists have picked up on something positive on this subject. Disney women are becoming more and more valued for being strong and brave, rather than for their appearance like they used to be in the past.

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