Disney Hides Mickey’s Head In All Their Movies. Can You Spot Them All?

Did you know that Mickey, or at least his head, is hiding in every Disney movie? Have some fun spotting them all with this video.

Just like Pixar does with some of their characters, Disney likes to hide their mascot Mickey's head in each of their films. The proof is here with this footage extracted from their most famous animated films.

Thus Mickey has slipped into all of the Disney films throughout the ages, more or less discreetly. Who would have thought that he would make an appearance in the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Cinderella?

However, by observing the soap bubbles in the two cartoons, you can notice that they form a silhouette that is not unknown to us. Similarly, in more recent movies like Frozen or Wreck-It Ralph, the mouse also makes a small appearance on the store shelf where Anna meets Kristoff and on a billboard above the arcade where the kids are in Wreck-It Ralph.

Although some are relatively easy to spot, you have to zoom in on other scenes in order to find Mickey, who is sometimes even with his friends…

Check out the video above to see some of the more elusive Mickey heads!

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