And Now Biscoff Biscuits Gets An Upgrade

And Now Biscoff Biscuits Gets An Upgrade

The desirable Biscoff biscuit flavour is available in the form of ice cream and people can't get enough of it. Perhaps it's the crunchy texture, the delicious caramel taste, or the sweet taste of cinnamon. Whatever it might be, people are indulging in it. 

The Details 

Biscoff also known as speculoos has been Europe's favourite biscuit when paired with the delightful coffee. And now can be found in a ice cream bar or a soft serve form. What makes the Biscoff biscuits so popular? Aside from the delicious sweet taste, it has no artificial colour or perservatives, 0 grams trans fat per serving, non-GMO ingredients, and no nuts or animal by-products. Not too bad right? 

Unfortunately, it's available in select countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. You can find it online on a Belgium food distributor website called Delhaize. It will cost about £4 for 950 ml. Or if you're feeling creative then you can try making your own recipe by using standard vanilla ice cream and blending it with Biscoff cookie butter and/or chunks of biscuits. How does that sound for you?

Will Armstrong
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