Primark is selling the most magical Hogwarts advent calendar

The festive season is just around the corner and Primark has unveiled the perfect advent calendar for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Made of wood in the shape of Hogwarts, with boxes for you to fill with magical treats, this Harry Potter advent calendar costs just £16!

With December now less than two short months away, our favourite stores are starting to announce their advent calendars for 2020. There’s truly something for everyone this year – from Aldi’s wine and prosecco advent calendars to cheese advent calendars, scented candle advent calendars and beauty advent calendars.

But the 2020 advent calendar that’s got us the most excited so far is Primark’s new Harry Potter advent calendar. Built to look like Hogwarts castle, the reusable wooden advent calendar features 24 compartments in the Hogwarts house colours—blue, green, red and yellow—that you can fill with whatever treats you like.

Primark announced the new product on Facebook, writing:

This year's coveted Harry Potter calendar is making its way into store. When the autumn term draws to a close, make sure you have this Hogwarts advent calendar on-hand to start the Christmas countdown in wizarding style. Fill the drawers with all kinds of treats—this will be a Christmas tradition you can continue for years to come!

You could fill the compartments with individual sweets or chocolates–maybe even a chocolate frog from Marks and Spencer’s new Harry Potter range!—or other treats. If you want to go Harry Potter mad you could pick up some little bits from Primark’s big Harry Potter range–like a pair of Gryffindor socks.

If you’re not up for filling your own advent calendar, there are plenty of other ready-made Harry Potter advent calendars available this year–including a Harry Potter beauty calendar (£40) from Boots, a Lego Harry Potter advent calendar (£25) from Selfridges and a Harry Potter stationery advent calendar (£25) from Menkind.

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