This super famous footballer liked Lillie Haynes' sexy bikini pictures on Instagram

Which famous English footballer liked a string of Lily Haynes' sexy swimsuit pictures on instagram?

Manchester City's Jack Gealish did not shy away form showing Love Island contestant Lily Haynes some always-appreciated social media validation—only to remove the likes days later.

A very famous admirer

The £100m man liked a couple of the 22-year-old's more risqué pictures on Instagram in which she posed wearing what left very little to the imagination.

One of the pictures in question, sporting a skimpy white two-piece bikini, was posted by the Casa Amor bombshell just days after she entered the rival Love Island villa.

A source told MailOnline:

Lillie couldn't believe Jack even knows who she is, let alone took the time to like her uploads on Instagram
It was disappointing he unliked the photos days later, but it's possible he didn't want his girlfriend finding out. She was complimented nonetheless, and hopes one day they'll cross paths so she can ask him about it.

Who is Jack Grealish?

The young footballer has just completed a record-breaking transfer from Aston Villa earlier this month said to have been worth around £100m. The 25-year-old has voiced being a 'big fan' of Love Island and has even said that if he wasn't a footballer he would proudly be a contestant on the ITV2 dating show.

Earlier this year, a picture was posted of Grealish and mates watching Love Island on a large screen in a communal room inside the team's Euro accommodation. He is currently dating his high school sweetheart, 25-year-old model Sasha Attwood, after reportedly having taken a break this past spring. The couple first met when they were teenagers at St Peter's Roman Catholic Secondary School in Solihull, West Midlands.

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