This is the real reason Faye Winter hasn’t been hanging out with other Islanders

Love Island 2021 star Faye Winter has responded to fans wondering why she’s not out with other Islanders more.

In the months since leaving the villa, fans have noticed that Faye Winter doesn’t seem to have been hanging out with her fellow ex-Islanders as much as some of the rest of the cast, leading many to wonder whether there might be a rift between them. This week, Faye took to her Instagram stories to reveal the real reason she’s not been attending as many events with her fellow ex-Islanders.

Why isn’t Faye hanging out with the other Islanders more?

In a Q&A session, one fan asked why she doesn’t ‘go out with the others from the villa that much’ or attend events and Faye responded:

Bloody ’ell, I don’t get paid to party. You get to choose the events you want to go to. I only go to certain ones.

She explained that she’s been choosing to spend her time on other things, saying:

I've been working really hard for guide dogs, been down in Devon loads recently due to personal reasons, and spending time with Teddy.

Faye and Teddy living together

Faye and Teddy moved into their first home together this weekend and it looks like they’ll be spending a lot of time doing it up as Faye labelled it a ‘pig sty’ in a recent Instagram update. Meanwhile, they’ve each kept their own separate homes in Devon and London.

Faye recently started up a new business venture with her Faye Home Instagram and Youtube channel which will share advice about all things homes and property and take her fans along for the ride as she and Teddy do up their new place. We can’t wait to see what they make of it!

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