This Bodybuilder Is Jennifer Lopez’s Perfect Doppelgänger

When people started talking about Jennifer Lopez's bodybuilder look-alike, we had to check it out for ourselves. After seeing some clips, we can confirm: they're almost scarily identical!

They say we all have a look-alike somewhere in the world. When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, no need to search any further! This American bodybuilder looks just like her from head to toe!

Jay from Houston, J.Lo's look-alike...

Jay from Houston regularly posts photos of herself on her Instagram account wearing sportswear, or selfies in front of the mirror, as does Jennifer Lopez, and the resemblance is striking! Jay from Houston has the same hairstyle as the 'Jenny from the Block' singer: long, golden hair, sometimes straight or wavy, and often tied up in a ponytail. She also puts make-up on her eyes and wears big creoles earrings; all striking details!

In terms of physical similarities, the two women seem to share a passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Jay from Houston's physique is very toned and muscular. And for good reason: she's a bodybuilder! She has also launched her own sportswear brand, Lift Within.

Could a meeting be in the cards?

Many followers have asked if she is Jennifer Lopez. And we can understand why! In some photos, it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

Like many look-alikes, you'd expect to see a photo of the two women together. Jay from Houston has supposedly asked Jennifer Lopez for a meeting so that they can take a photo together, but she has not received an answer as of yet. Soon, perhaps?

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