The Identity of Emma Watson’s Boyfriend Has Finally Been Revealed!

We finally know who Emma Watson's boyfriend is!

Talent and commitment, Emma Watson has it all. So much so that at the age of just 30, the actress has already become a true international icon. Emma Watson's career is impressive, but it is her private life that seems to fascinate the most. Gossip is always surrounding Emma Watson's love life, especially when a handsome stranger shows up at her side.

The star was photographed last October in the arms of a real Adonis, and he has just been officially identified. A source close to the couple revealed the nature of the relationship between Emma Watson and Leo Alexander Robinson, a California entrepreneur. The source is quoted as saying:

Emma and Leo have done everything in their power to keep their relationship private.

Unfortunately for them, the actress's love life is closely scrutinised, and photos of the couple had already leaked several months ago. Curious internet users had conducted their own investigation and ended up discovering the thirty-year old's social media profiles. Leo Alexander Robinson, therefore, decided to take a break from the digital sphere to protect himself, and try to keep his relationship with actress Emma Watson as confidential as possible.

According to the same source, the entrepreneur's employees were stunned when they discovered their colleague, whom they themselves had quickly identified, in the arms of the international star. The source also says that their relationship is a solid one:

Emma introduced Leo to her parents, things are very serious with him.

The actress, however, has not yet made any comment about this relationship.

You can see the photo of the couple and more details on the topic in our video above!

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